Chrome 59 開發人員工具的更新項目

Chrome 59 開發人員工具的新功能

  • CSS and JS code coverage (這功能可以查看code裡面有用到跟沒有用到的部分)
    Find unused CSS and JS with the new Coverage drawer.
  • Full-page screenshots (手機板的擷取還是怪怪的)
    Take a screenshot of the entire page, from the top of the viewport to the bottom.
  • Block requests (可以針對requests做block,滿有趣的)
    Manually disable individual requests in the Network panel.
  • Step over async await (這不太懂,再研究研究)
    Step through async functions predictably.
  • Unified Command Menu (快速開檔?)
    Execute commands and open files from the newly-unified Command Menu (Control + Shift + P).


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